DT: Moneysupermarket.com Reliability Survey

The Daily Turismo was contacted by the guys at Moneysupermarket.com and asked if we wanted to share some of their most recent data a reliability study (based on UK vehicles) and of course we agreed!  We had a lot of fun sharing their previous info graphic on zombie proofing stuff, but this one is a bit more serious.

Honda Tops Reliability Study

Japanese car brands came out on top in a reliability study carried out by MoneySupermarket.com and Warranty Direct, with Honda finishing just head of Suzuki and Toyota.  This has been calculated by looking at the average number of failures and their severity for each model which is produced by car manufacturers; calculating a Reliability Index (RI) score which dictates positions. The average RI score is 100 and the lower the number, the more reliable manufacturers vehicles tend to be. This helps to illuminate how impressive Honda’s score of 30.75 actually is.

However, Japanese manufacturers didn’t get it all of their own way. Ford vehicles have the cheapest average repair costs and the Kia Picanto was found to be the most reliable individual vehicle, with the South Korean manufacturer finishing an impressive 5th on the overall rankings for manufacturers.

MoneySupermarket has produced the following infographic based on the results, which could prove to be particularly useful if you are on the lookout for a new (or used) car:

Big thanks to the fellows at MoneySupermarket.com for letting us share this infographic, be sure to check them out if you need any car insurance in the UK.