DT Favorite Sleeper Style: 1992 Volvo 960 5.3 “LS” Swap

If you are allergic to the “all show and no go” ethos commonly found on modern cars, we have a sleeper Volvo 960 sedan right up your alley today.  The seller has quite possibly the most understated V8 Volvo to ever grace these pages. This 960 is quite the find despite not being a wagon, not being brown, and having an auto transmission.  The trump card here is the universally lauded GM 5.3L V8 engine and the complete absence of other clues saying this car is a anything other than your college professor’s daily driver.  It takes a lot of restraint to pull of a sleeper build of this magnitude.   You won’t find a prancing moose badge on the front fenders, up-sized aftermarket wheels, menacing dual exhaust pipes, or any tinkering with the trunk badge to reflect more displacement.  Find this 1992 Volvo 960 for sale in Norton, MA for $7,000 via craigslist.

The seller does not mention if they were the builder of the car in the listing.  These details are provided:

1992 Volvo 960 5.3 GM LS V8 car has 121k mi and the 2001engine has 113k
mi 2005 4l60E tranny car has zero rust loaded heated leather, sunroof.
Many new parts including front struts, ball joints, rear rotors and
pads, tires, injectors water pump, brackets and many more. 750 watt
Stereo system. Ma registered and inspected standing next to it running
you would never know it’s a sleeper.

The only clue to the chicanery that lies under the hood is the set of three white faced aftermarket gauges beneath the single-DIN radio. Although listed as an “LS,” this is either a GenIII or GenIV Vortec 5300, 5.3L truck or SUV engine. There are many varieties of 5.3, but the garden variety LM7 uses an iron block with aluminum heads that are near identical to the LS1. Looks like the truck accessories and intake manifold have been swapped out for parts from a Camaro, Firebird, GTO or similar low-hooded car.

At the end of the listing, the seller offers to trade this fine Volvo
for an equivalent valued Camry or Accord.  It is as if a Volvo hating
significant other hacked their email account and added this trade offer into the CL ad.

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