DT Exclusive: 1998 Chrysler Sebring Convertible

Whatever happened to the convertible family sedan?  Some of the earliest cars featured seating for a family of 5 (or 6) and little weather protection, and domestic convertibles were a staple of production in the 1950s/1960s, but sometime in the 1970s they faded out of style.  Most available today are part of some luxury brand (and priced accordingly) but one of the only affordable convertibles from recent years is a regular at the Thrifty rental desk and straight outta Detroit.  Find this 1998 Chrysler Sebring Convertible here on DT offered for $1k via seller submission from John T.

Nobody is going to admit that he/she is a Sebring enthusiast, but if you are looking for a dirt cheap convertible with seating for a small family, the Sebring is a good bet if you just want to enjoy the sun.  Details from the seller:

I bought this for my then-girlfriend as a surprise in’08 as her ‘backup
car,’ since she wasn’t that much into cars and had never had a
convertible. She then proceeded to put 80k on it because she got hooked
on the convertible thing. We drove each other nuts in the interim and
broke up, but I’ve kept an eye on the car (oil, brakes, tires etc) for
her ever since. She got another, newer, redder Sebring, so this one has
to go. She gets kind of emotional about selling cars, so she sold it me
(yeah, that means I’ve bought it twice) so I’d spare her the trouble of
the sale.

It’s the “Limited,” which means all of the option boxes got ticked, and
dash it all, most of them still work! Actually just about all of them.

The Usual: 170k, 2.5 V6, AT PSPBPWPSeatsLeatherChrome etc. No accidents, clean title.

The Bad: 170k, a split just appeared in the driver’s seat cover, one
wheel leaks a bit where the chrome is doing its thing on the aluminum at
the valve stem, probably due for belts and hoses again (I did them all
when we got it), brakes and tires not long after that, the cover on the
steering wheel is shot (hence the elegant AutoZone item) and the
instrument illumination is intermittent, going on and off randomly.
Either that, or I need to read the owners’ manual. Rattles like Steve
McQueen’s B-17 at the end of The War Lover over bumps, but that’s
apparently normal for these cars. Seams are starting to pull on the top.

The oil light flickered on last week at hot idle in traffic. Hmmm… Is it the pressure sender or time for 30 weight?

The Good: Runs like a top, everything else (top, windows, seats, etc.)
works fine. Passed smog this summer, but I dragged my feet on this and
it expired last week, so I’ll have to get it done again. Reg is paid
until 10/17.

Can I get a grand for it or does it get donated to my local PBS station?
I need to get this out of here so I can get back to work on my 501

Also, it’s just dawned on me (odd how this can slip one’s mind, eh?), but that little bugger never left XGF stranded in 8 years and 80k. It might be the best car I ever bought. Twice. Other than my Miata, of course.

Click here to e-mail the seller directly if you have any interest in this fine piece of American engineering.