DT Does SEMA 2022

It was fitting that this year’s SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show was held over the Halloween holiday, because it is where you dress up your car like a superhero. The SEMA show happens every year in Las Vegas and attracts all manner of custom car builders, parts manufacturers, and OEMs to an industry only event that seems to have a fair share of random looky-loos with baby strollers…I think they’ll let anybody with a pulse and $50 into the show these days. Anyway, we attended the show and took a few photos for your viewing pleasure and the big takeaway was that everything is going electric.

I understand that new cars are going electric to save the planet and because gas is so expensive, but would you really want to drive an electric hot rod? Isn’t the throbbing sound of big flat-6 the point of driving an old Porsche?

It isn’t like you are going to commute everyday in these things? But then perhaps this is going to be the future of collector cars — you can keep swapping in new and more efficient fusion drives with the latest hyperspace batteries and keep the vintage look of a classic car.

This is better — a properly hot-rodded 69 Mustang that isn’t electric.

If you find yourself in a hall at SEMA where there are more dudes in polo shirts and fewer booth babes, you’ve probably wandered into AAPEX…which is the aftermarket B2B side of SEMA. Instead of Lamborghinis you find more Cadillac DeVilles.

Back to the good stuff at SEMA…

Plenty of customized Japanese cars to live your real life Gran Turismo dreams.

How often do you find TVR Cerberas on this side of the Atlantic?

More electrified hot rods.

Would this be fun to drive?

The guys over at the Dodge booth had some sweet cars available with proper V8 engines.

And their new concept Charger Daytona SRT E-Muscle car…

Of course it didn’t take long for customizers to create crazy looking versions of the new Nissan Z.

And of course it wouldn’t be SEMA without Beetles with 78-ft of suspension travel.

The Hoonigan boys had their burnout yard destroying tires on an hourly basis.

This truck in the “Deluxe Wheel Company” booth had incredible details in the handwork and white walls as part of the rim

More mehlectric stuff.

Wow, you can spend a bucket of money on a Jeep if you don’t pay attention.

Until next year, Las Vegas, I won’t miss your dirty sidewalks and crowded streets, but I will miss the carpeted halls filled with interesting cars.