DT Deal: Nut & Bolt Assortment Kit for $21

Welcome to another edition of the Blue Glove Tool Review:  I hate to sound like some kind of brand whoring corporate instagram shill…but check out what I just ordered from eBay.  A Jegs Performance Tool (TM) 1200 piece nut/bolt assortment with a cool case setup for $21.39 with free shipping.

Four plastic drawers are filled with an assortment of fasteners that are great for non-critical components (please don’t use these to hold together a 200mph kit car or bunk bed for a weight loss reality TV show).  The nuts/bolts are of an unknown material and SAE grade, but assume the tensile strength of a saltine and you should be good to go.

See a better deal on a pile of fasteners? tips@dailyturismo.com

Full disclosure: DT will make a few doubloons if you buy one of these kits via the above link.