DT COW: Put A Little Kick In Your Life

Welcome to another edition of DT’s Commenter of the Week (COW) award – where we celebrate commenting genius, snaz or snarkyness.  This week’s winner comes from a former Corolla liftback owner and Pinto purist, who writes:

Props to the pinto… In a time when all the Cheap imports had barely
1.6 liters, my early gear head self, parked my corolla lift back and
easily laid rubber in my buddies pinto 4 speed with 2.3 liters of high
mileage, pimple face torque! Ah, the high school years and cheap used
cars! Easily forgotten, but the chevette was still a RWD sub that
survived at least until 85 or 86, right? Just in time for the
Yugo-Serbian invasion!

photo credit www.picturearchive.co.za

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Congrats to Molotovmotors, who captured the spirit, essence and awesome of the 1970s in a few words.  His prize is this picture of a Pinto under a tree.  Gas tank looks surprisingly intact.

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