DT COW: Commenter of the Week

Typically DT’s Commenter of the Week award goes to someone who comments below the posts (actually recently it has gone unawarded because of editor laziness..) but today’s COW award goes to someone who has been feeding us ripe tips on awesome cars and clinched the nomination with the following email note about a car he found on craiglist: 

What do you make of this? You could make a brooch, or a pterodactyl…

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Congrats to Kaibeezy T for winning commenter of the week for his reference to one of the greatest movies

of all times.  The prize for winning is this LA Auto show photo of Audi’s latest offering in the high end 

luxury sedan market, probably an Audi A8L TDI, but we aren’t sure because all of Audi’s current offerings

 look remarkably the same from A4 to A8, so we can only judge them by size, which is difficult to 

tell when an Amazonian sized Audi marketing executive is standing in front of the car.  

We assume she must some kind of executive from Ingolstadt here to tell us how Audi developed this car

 using the latest in Strategic Marketing, Seven Sigma and Velocity Product Development techniques, but 

as we’ve said before, we aren’t keen on keeping track of the identities of the thousands of pointy shoe 

wearing Europeans who run communcations for automotive companies. She is standing in front of a 

rather impressive display of digital numbers which we can only assume to be her cell phone number 

or an Audi corporate bank account number – important numbers to remember in either case.  Anyway, 

congratulations again to Kaibeezy and keep the awesome tips coming, we’ll keep posting them!

Have your own tip to send us? Wanna know more about Miss Audi?…ok we can’ help with the last one..