DT COW: Commenter of the Week: Sorry, Mom, I’m a Little Loaded

If you are a regular DT reader not under a restraining order to avoid any and all contact with the Daily Turismo, you may have noticed the recent changes to our commenting rules – specifically the implementation of the Commenting Commandments.  A keen eyed reader posted a comment in response to the glut of image conscious cars being sold on ebay and was sure to literally adhere to Commandment I:

Is anybody just a poor old broke gearhead any more? The e-Bay write up?
Too slick by half. Everyone is copyrighted, has a logo and has ambience
and image. I’m sure it’s an impressive build as per the “Irvine” Car and Coffee
crowd; hell, I’d like to have the thing myself. But, at my gut level, it
feels like a poseur. Who is going to end up buying this? Some guy with
an “authentic” surf shop down in Orange County who started his
(successful) business on dad’s money and who, himself, is steeped in
ambience and image. Probably will put a “Harvest” bumper sticker in the
rear window next August for some real OC street cred…Sorry, mom, I’m a
little loaded.

Congrats to commenter Euromoto who was writing in response to the hella flush Model A with BMW power on ebay.   Here is a photo of your poor broke gearheads — what you are looking at is a picture of the winning  $500 E71 Toyota Corolla from the first ever 24 Hrs of LeMons race back in 2006.

Euromoto’s prize is a picture of LeMons race organizer Jay Lamm holding a training wheel while an angel welds the training wheel onto Black Iron Racing’s People’s Choice winning BMW E28 535i. 

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