DT COW: Commenter Of The Week: Mining The Interwebs And Sharing Gems

Recently we’ve given the DT COW award to a comment that has given us a good belly laugh, but today we want to highlight an insightful and thought provoking comment from one of our regulars:

[E]ven better would be…. [T]o uncover the sweet spots considering age, performance, maintenance, depreciation, etc. I know this kind of information can be mined from brand forums and other places, but many of those get so bogged down with posturing fanboys, smug wrenchers, impenetrable jibber-jabber and excruciating micro-detail = useless time-suck.
Finding an audience and giving them filtered, targeted, useful, thoughtful and *compressed* information and analysis is the best of what blogs do. It’s great to see DT becoming more than just a list of cool cars.

Click thru the jump to see this week’s winner:

from discountposterstore.com

Congrats to Kaibeezy T, who is routinely sends us awesome daily tips for low cost, manual tranmission, rear drive cars from the SF Bay area craigslist.  Some days we think that simply forwarding Kaibeezy’s tips to our entire audience would be a job well done…and someday he will discover the autotempest.com nationwide cl search capabilities and our inbox will overflow with Ms, Zs and Qs until we get a justice of the court to execute the pending restraining order.  Kaibeezy’s prize is a poster photo of a Lamborghini Countach parked below the Golden Gate Bridge in thanks to his Bay Area finds.

Fancy yourself a craigslistsavant? hit us with your best tips!  tips@dailyturismo.com