DT COW: Commenter Of The Week: Glove Box Full O Cash

Welcome to the Commenter of the Week award, where we congratulate our readers/commenters for their contributions to the site.  Today’s winner started with the statement

“OK, I love you guys at DT, but I really think you have “jumped the shark” with this one.”

which was enough to get strong consideration for DT COW, but sealed the victory with the statement:

“$15,995? Really? Granted, it appears to be an excellent example in mint condition. But, I wouldn’t pay $15,995 unless it came with $15,000 in the glovebox.”

 Click thru the jump to see the winner…

The winner is anonymous…but that comment was so money we’ll just call him BennyFrank for short.  BennyFrank’s prize is a picture of some money inside a glovebox…how is that for poetic symmetry!?!  Stay tuned as we add a “Shark Jumping” badge to the DT repository (suppository?)…all this soylent green is killing my vocab skills…

We’d also like to remind our readers that we’ve featured Allantés in the past (even if you’d rather forget), as well as all manner of other terrible FWD failmobiles, if only to point out why you shouldn’t be buying them.

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