DT COW: Commenter of the Week

Another long week of scouring the Al Jazeera news comments looking for Sheikh owned long wheelbase Mercedes-Benzes for sale, and it is time to nominate our Commenter of the Week (COW) (the T in the is silent).  This week’s winner has been with us for a long time, always has some insightful comments and recently cinched the nomination by the following quote: “I really can’t stand white cars. They just bother me.”  We agree 100% – see the winner after the jump…

Congratulations to Larry!  We also think white paint belongs on work trucks and shipping containers – not sports cars.

Your prize is a picture of a pre-war race car driving under the Dunlop tire bridge from the LeMans Classic race back in 2008.  It really doesn’t get much better than watching those old machines hustle around the Circuit de la Sarthe at night and it is Europe’s premier historic motorsport event, just be sure to bring a nice camera and enough memory cards.