DT COW: Better Than Dysentery

A recent DT post about the cheap Honda Insight on Jalopnik’s opposite lock got a great comment from an enthusiastic Jalop. In his own words:

After seeing one at the 1999 Tokyo
Motor Show I resolved that … I … must … have … one … And indeed I did, and still do, in this very same color….The Shoebox Sub and 240w
Eclipse system takes my mind off the less than stellar comfort on long
trips, and I tell myself it’s waaay more comfortable than a Conestoga
wagon. Or dysentery.  In short, I love it.

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Congrats to PistonSlapYoMama for his definitive assertion that driving an Insight is more comfortable than dysentery.  Instead of showing a photo of dysentery we are including a picture of Adaptive Engineer’s Insight drag car borrowed from HondaTuningMagazine.com.  Although an Insight that runs in the 9’s in the 1/4 mile may cause some dark stains in your trousers…so…back to dysentery.

Photocredit HondaTuningMagazine.com