DT Commenter of the Week: Gold Fever

Welcome to another edition of DT’s coveted, despised, sporadic and always lactose intolerant Commenter of the Week (COW!) award.  Many times the COW award goes to someone who has shared a cool story, interesting anecdote, but today the prized honor goes to a simple zinger style statement about the crazy Chevy Suburban limo from yesterday.

You sure would need a lot of stick figures for the back window.

Congrats to Rene for composing that perfect one-liner and sharing it with everyone.  The traditional DT COW award is equal parts hideous, awesome, campy, terrifying, and terrific — today’s will not disappoint.  It is a simple link to the auction for this 1977 Dodge Tradesman B-200 Customized van named Gold Fever.

Everything about this Van is 70’s shagtastic awesome, from the home depot stair banister columns to the wood paneling window “shade” just screams it was built by an industrial arts
teacher from the local middle school.  Oh man, I can’t take my eyes off of this thing. Imagine how much shagging on shag has happened inside. Is that a porta-potty at the door with a box of tissues for business?

the authentic original ’70s custom vans will come into their own and be
worth 911 money. That day is not today, but the seller thinks it is.