DT Birthday Celebration: Patronage

When someone asks how they can help DT, the quick/easy answer is to help spread the word, or send us a juicy tip.  Some folks have asked how they can help in a monetary sense and after some prodding from regular contributors, we’ve decided to launch a pledge drive here on Patreon.

Sometimes, you need a new car, and other times you just need a little push.  Today, we just need a push. 

In truth, we want to do more with DT, so the question as to how to achieve that goalOne
solution was to start charging sellers to list their car on DT, but
that will certainly change the dynamic of the website to one founded for
the buyers to one funded by the sellers.  Eventually we’d
start our own internal auction format, and listings on the site would
become one huge blue-chip restoration showcase where the customer is the
seller, but the readers end up footing the bill by paying high market
value (plus a 5% fee) for nice cars…not that there is anything wrong with that.  Another option is
to get readers to help fund the site via a pay-wall, but nobody wants
that either…so what if we try pledges from our readers?

You can read more about what we will do for the money and about our goals over here on Patreon and start by pledging as little as $1/month to support this website, or just click on the link below.

Don’t want to do monthly billing, but prefer a one-time donation? Click the donate button below to use PayPal and/or a credit card.

Any way you help the site (sharing with friends, tips, or cash) we thank you!