DT Admin: Welcome To The Future

Welcome to the future…well..at least the future of Daily Turismo for the next few months.  We’ve had the same basic layout since this little website started mid last year and we were planning on a mid year update.  These things usually require time, planning, sometimes hiring outside graphic designers…or at least that is how normal folks would do it…not at DT.  Much in the same way we constantly seek the best deals on the car market, we are also looking for the best deals in underwear, wainscoting and graphic design…so naturally when Kaibeezy (SF bay area resident, depreciated car aficionado and graphic designer-at-large) offered to design us a new logo, we jumped at the chance.  Mostly because he offered to do it free of charge…

In his words:

If you’re wondering why I would go to the trouble and what I want, it’s
pretty simple. Graphics like this are a bit of a hobby, as is car ad
sifting apparently, and I’m having fun and learning a lot. It would be a
kick to see my work up on your site every day, and maybe get turned
into t-shirts, mugs, bumper stickers, etc. No expectations at all, no
interest in $, no “post my car”, or any manipulative BS like that ever.
Clean deal. 

It doesn’t get much better of a deal than this since the last time someone offered us a free Porsche 928…but that is a story for another time.  Kaibeezy is a standup guy and, apparently, a whiz with graphics – and he whipped up the above new DailyTurismo logo.  We also adjusted the background color to be more edgy…or something…What do you think?