DT 5th Birthday

Good things come in sets of five.  Take fingers, for example. Don’t actually take my fingers, but take a look at yours and you’ll see that you’ve got 5.  Remove one and you’ll have a hard time doing the things you do with your fingers, from holding a pencil to picking your nose.   It is with great pleasure that I announce that this week, DT will offer a theme of 5 because we’ve just turned 5 years old.

Ask any kindegartener, and he/she will tell you that 5 is the best age.  Old enough to have fun & get in serious trouble, but too young to care about it for more than a few minutes. Here is to acting like a 5 year old and getting away with it for one more year.  

Psst…hey…check out this 1980 Chevrolet El Camino offered for $500 in Gilroy.  Expect more like this.