DT 5.0 Best $500 Cars

Five hundred smackeroos doesn’t buy you much in a car.  You are lucky to get something that isn’t labeled “mechanic’s special” or the seller is only listing the price of a door instead of the entire car (like this Aztek…seriously, the seller thinks the entire car is somehow worth more than $250?).  Anyway, as part of DT’s 5th birthday celebration, we are going to find you the best $500 cars for sale around the web. This post is part of DT’s 5th Birthday Celebration.

First up is this 1998 Mercedes-Benz SLK230 Kompressor offered in “fair” condition for $500 in Gilroy, CA via craigslist.  The first think you are going to say is — wow, that was a big impact…what kind of shenanigans were going on before…oh.  Right.  That is some serious hardware sitting across the shifter, C-class or D-class at least.  Anyway…this isn’t the car for me.  Nope.

Next up is this 1991 Audi 100 sedan offered for $500 in Smyrna, GA here on eBay with 1 day to go.  The 4 ringed classic isn’t able to go much faster than 45 miles per hour according to the seller, so this would be a fixer-upper or a city car.

Next up on the competitor for the best car for $500 is this 2000 Land Rover Discovery offered for $500 in SF Bay Area, CA via craigslist.  The seller admits that the car doesn’t run due to an overheating issue, but how expensive is it to rebuild a Rover V8 anyway?

The last car I’m going to feature from this best of $500 is this 1963 Mercedes-Benz 190 offered for $300 in San Jose, CA via craigslist.  The seller says it doesn’t run, but these old beasts are simple and easy to fix — it probably would fire right up with some fresh gas and an oil change.