Drink What Now? 1965 Ford Econoline Van

I’m all for custom graphics on the side of a vintage van, but I’m not so sure about this next one. The questionable aspect of recently legalized substances is not what strikes me as much as the use of the word juicy to describe the painted lady of the side of this thing. Remove that part and this thing looks good. Find this 1965 Ford Econoline Van offered for $5,017 in Grants Pass, OR via ebay.

From the seller:

Jane is a 1965 Ford Econoline. Mild custom in a classic 1960’s hot rod style!

I acquired the van in 2015, it had the original straight 6 motor in it, and I was told the top end was recently “refreshed”, so I left this motor in the truck. I have installed a remanufactured carburetor, a Pertronix electronic ignition, new alternator, water pump, aluminum radiator, and electric cooling fan. The motor is very reliable, she will go down the highway all day at 65mph and make laps on cruise night without overheating.

The original 3 speed transmission with column shifter was resealed, and we installed a new clutch, pressure plate and flywheel. The shift linkage can still be a bit fussy, the parts to rebuild the linkage can be difficult to locate, what it needs is someone to go through and size all the bushings and grommets and source them. It might take a minute to find a gear because of this, but it always finds one and has never left me stranded.

Original 4 wheel drum brakes. All drums have been resurfaced and we replaced all of the brake parts inside of the drum. New axle seals and wheel bearings all the way around. The king and link pins in the front end have also been replaced.

The van has been lowered using flip kits front and back, There is a guy on the online forums who manufactures the front kits, we built our own for the rear using saddle brackets and u-bolts from other 9” rear equipped trucks. She goes down the road with minimal effort considering she is still using all 1965’ technology. I think the vintage driving experience is one of the things that makes her so fun.

I put $11K in to making her a driver, and getting it this far. Then I started on the appearance.

The wheels are chrome steelies I ordered from Speedway 14×7 14×8 to get the right offset so they fill the wheel wells nice. The tires are HR rated blackwall radials, with a “port-o-wall” wide white wall insert. One of these white walls is currently torn, but I have a back up set that comes with the van. The do not make a radial wide white wall tire in the this size.

I had Pauly’s Custom in Ashland Oregon pinstripe the van inside and out. He also hand painted the Juicy Jane logo and pin-up girl on the sides of the van. From there it went Southern Oregon customs where they did a bit more sanding on the patina, and then clear coated the whole van in a matte clear. This van won the award for “Killer Paint” at the Rat Rod Ruckus.

Harms Upholstery in Medford Oregon rebuilt a set of original seats (these were hard to find, $1000 on eBay) and upholstered them in a white pearlescent vinyl with red starlight (candy metalflake) insert. He then made a custom cover for the doghouse to match. The steering wheel is also red starlight. I then had the steel door panels painted in 3 stage candy apple red to match the seats. There is black automotive grade carpet front to back, the cargo area is unfinished. This van has won best interior awards at local rat rod show.

This is one of the funnest vehicles I have ever owned. People run past half million dollar hot rods to come check this thing out. I have had a great time the last 5 years taking her all over Southern Oregon, Northern California and Nevada. Most of the time she gets driven to these shows and cruises. She has one several peoples choice and sponsors choice awards. The greatest thing is that she is an Econoline! My dad had one when I was a kid in the 70’s and so many people we meet have so many great memories in these vans.

It’s time to let someone else enjoy her now. I want to be direct, THIS IS NOT A SHOW CAR, it’s a rat rod still running 1965 tech, don’t expect her to be perfect. There is a fair amount of bondo in the lower panels of this van, it is pretty dry underneath the vehicle, but who knows what you may find if you decided to grind the filler off. I never planned to paint it so I was not concerned.


-The before mention shifter linkage bushings

-The dash gauges do not work, I troubleshooted and found out the resistor on the drive was bad, I located a resistor but have not installed it. If this is installed you should get fuel, oil and temp gauges. The speedo drive cable is not working, I use GPS so I never worried about it.


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