Don’t Get The Gremlin Wet: 1979 AMC Spirit AMX

The AMC Spirit was the successor to the outgoing Gremlin subcompact and was essentially a Gremlin without the funky styling…which when you get down to it is a pretty miserable formula for a car.  A surprising quantity of Gremlins have avoided crusher because of style, but the Spirit was crushed en masse, like…well…spirits being crushed in the 4th quarter of any Bears home games in the past 30 years.  Find this 1979 AMC Spirit AMX offered for $8,500 in Duncan, OK via craigslist.  Tip from FuelTruck.

The AMX version of the Spirit added a muscular set of fender flares, a front air dam, “Rally-Tuned” suspension, a rear spoiler, decals, and a bunch of interior gauges.  The AMX was also available with an optional 304 cubic inch V8, which might have been restricted with smog equipment, but it was a potent little machine for its time.

This AMX is powered by a 360 cubic inch AMC V8 with  what the seller describes as “evthing the law allows been put in it lol“.  You will indeed be the last person LOLing as this thing has the potential to be quite a rocket ship with its minimalist approach to speed.

On of the funnier parts of this listing is that the seller has a MOPAR paper plate on the front and Ford floormats on the inside — but you should be able to head down to your local AMC dealer and pickup appropriate stuff…right?

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