Does That Come With A Side Of Racecar?

This week for the Coffee Brake, I’m going to open up the comments for something you guys would like printed on the side of the Black Iron Racing MRSakibomb crapcan racer for the race this weekend in Buttonwillow, CA.  It could be a simple greeting, an advertisement for your home business, an honorarium*, a dirty limerick**, a dedication, a marriage proposal, or just some nonsense.

I will collate the results at the end of today, print them up and glue them to the side of the wreck when I reach the track.  Expect it to be ripped off in the first aggressive dive bombing pass after the green flag, but for a few brief moments, your words will be on track at a 24 Hrs of LeMons event. 

*Just a joke to see if you were paying attention, an honorarium is a payment to a volunteer as a way to skirt employment law, but it certainly sounds like something you’d write on a tombstone.

**Okay, this is a family event, so keep everything PG-13 please.