Dirty Harry: 1970 Plymouth Fury

The fourth generation Plymouth Fury was released in 1969 featuring Chrysler’s fuselage look styling and riding on the C-body platform shared with the other rear-drive full sized cars from Chrysler and Dodge.  Whenever I see one, I can’t help but think of those really bad 70s cop shows/movies and smile.  Find this 1970 Plymouth Fury here on eBay offered for $13,888 located in Chicago, IL. Tip from Jeff G.

This 1970 model year Fury straddles the world between the sleek/dangerous/expensive muscle cars of the 60s and the slow/junky/cheap cars from the malaise era.  The brown vinyl top might have you thinking this boat is made for the cruising, but the keel is setup for chasing the wind.

Under the hood is a 383 cubic inch Mopar V8 which when equipped with the gas sucking 4-bbl carburetor made 300 SAE Gross (or 250 SAE Net) horsepower and 410 ft-lbs of torque.  It was a decently powerful engine for the era is mated to a 3-speed automatic in this one.

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