Deutz Diesel: 1998 Volvo FE Truck

This next beast comes as a tip from Dave in Tampa who writes: I can’t remember scrutinizing photos of any vehicle as closely as I looked at the ones for this … whatever it is: RV? Toy hauler? Work truck? The toy hauling functionality seems a bit suspect, but I do love me 18,000 btu’s of air conditioning times two. I’m that guy who walks into a well-chilled building, stops, breathes deeply, and smiles. Find this 1998 Volvo FE Truck offered for $15000 in Cleveland, GA via dotface bugoutbook.

From the seller:

1998 Volvo fe
Listed a week ago in Cleveland, GA
About this vehicle
Exterior color: White · Interior color:
Seller’s description
1998 Volvo FE

One of a kind 1 of 1 built

  • big cam P pump Volvo / eaton 6 speed
  • cab over Volvo FE former satellite truck
  • cab on air ride, rear suspension on airbags
  • sleeper in the cab with air conditioning
  • sleeper box with carpet and cabinets
    With bed area and living room
  • 2 18,000 BTU air conditioning units
  • interior lights and wall outlets, thermostat
  • 2 inch receiver and optional gooseneck
  • tons of storage everywhere
  • large storage area under bed fits 3 dirt bikes or a atv
  • telescopic 40ft pole (light or flag pole)
    Lots more im forgetting

Bought it to convert into a toy hauler. Runs 85mph highway holds 110 gallons. Can hold a full size Offroad rig and 3 bikes or whatever you want. Not set on selling as I know I’ll never find anything else like it. Slight project to fit your own needs but really only needs tailights and bulbs here and there and whatever else to make it drive on a daily basis. Just looking to free up some space, hate to see it sit

$15,000 located in CLEVELAND GA

See a better way to drive something the CIA/FBI/NSA previous owned?