Depreciated Teuton: 2002 BMW 745i

When I tell people that I publish a website called Daily Turismo, they cock their head sideways — like a puzzled golden retriever — and ask follow up questions. To describe DT, I use words like “curated collection” and “used car listing aggregator” to describe these hallowed pages. But the truth is, I should just send them this next car, because it describes DT in a way that is unequivocally precise; a mostly modern and supremely comfortable BMW 7-series with a salvage title and 144k miles on a 4.5 liter DOHC V8 that is offered for less than four large. Yes, it will have strange random issues that you’ll need to search on forums and videos for solutions…but you’ll end up smarter and better by the time you can afford a better car. Find this 2002 BMW 745i offered for $3,950 in Menifee, CA via craigslist.

I’ve got to spend a few minutes dissecting this photo. Here we’ve got a box of Minute Maid orange juice (who still drinks OJ, I thought the sugar/carbs thing was out nowadays) and a bill fold of unknown size rolled into the other cup holder. It’s like the seller is saying: “I’m such a baller, I just throw my hundos into my cup holder, right next to my juice box…cause that’s the way the honeys like it.” While this car looks like a great cruiser to head to Vegas for a long weekend, gas is expensive and parts aren’t cheap either…maybe head to the nearest Indian casino instead?

From the seller:

2002 bmw 745i
condition: good
fuel: gas
odometer: 144545
title status: salvage
transmission: automatic
2002 BMW 745i runs great smogged salvage title do to minor bumper damage everything professionally repaired all inspections complete including smog.. Serious buyers looking for reliability give me a buzz

See a better car to explain DT to non-turismos?