Demonstrably Terrific; 1952 Willys Jeep Honda N600

This next car gave me a real shock. It is the ultimate DT; Double Take; Daily Turismo; Delirium Tremens; Devil’s Tailgate; Doomsday Turkeybaster, Dunkin Tourniquet; Deepfake Talisman; Deft Turk; Decent Torque; Don’t Tighten; Dandy Toxicity; Dumb Tangent; Dangling Tonsil; Diametrically Tearse; Dilapidated Transom; Dancing Terrapin; Demonically Turmeric; Digital Turpentine; Demonstrably Terrible…no…Demonstrably Terrific…yesss…that’s the one I’m looking for. I knew I’d get there in the end. Find this 1952 Willys Honda N600 offered for $3,500 in Grandview, TX via forkbook marketpork. Tip from PB.

From the seller:

1952 willys/honda
Listed 9 hours ago in Grandview, TX
1952 willys with honda body
Needs little work to get back on road. Super cool and built right. One of a kind.

Not a red kneck back yard build. Its done right Motor runs great. I have it hooked to lawn mower can until tank is cleaned. Clear title.
[hidden information]
Grandview tx

See another car where it looks like a N600 is playing leap frog with a Jeep?