DeathTrap: 1994 Saab 9000 Turbo Aero

This next feature comes with enough self deprecating humor from the seller that there isn’t much I can add…it starts with a post title of  The Fastest, Most Dangerous Car You Can Buy on CL For Less Than $1000 and continues with the opening statement: Is life boring? Is your Corolla too safe? Is a life insurance payout favorable? Do you have a dream of torque steering into a tree? If so, this car should be in your driveway.  Here’s your next ride- Find this 1994 Saab 9000 Turbo Aero offered for $800 in West Warwick, RI via craigslist.  Tip from Art.

This car is dangerous before you get inside — first you have to navigate a gauntlet of tetanus covered rust spots.  Once inside you are now surrounded by heavily oxidized crush zones, but that is nothing compared to the description of the rear frame near the passenger side tire, in the seller’s words: The strut is like…no longer connected. You won’t lose the tire (it’s a
solid rear beam axle), but the fact that I had to specify that should
scare you.

Powering this rolling deathtrap is a Saab B234 inline-4 that has been turbocharged and intercooled to produce 225 horsepower when stock, but this one has been modified to produce more power with a bigger turbo and a “Stage 3 Mike D Trionic 5 ECU tune.”  Expect more power and more LOLS.

See another car where the seller concludes with : If you show up with your children and put them in this car, I will
NOT sell it to you. What part about, “ROLLING DEATHTRAP” didn’t you