De Trunk, De Trunk: 2003 BMW 745i

This past weekend I wrote up a E38 series and mentioned it’s shape seemed to be aging very well.  The E65 7 Series that followed came with a polarizing new exterior design (then and now) and was the first BMW to use the also polarizing iDrive interior command center.  This was a 80 some odd thousand dollar ride back in 2003 so it was at the top of the food chain for BMW.  Today’s car has had a recent full drivetrain swap (good), but the dash is lit up like a Christmas tree with idiot lights (bad).  Is this bargain priced Bangle butt sedan worthy of your greenbacks or a giant money pit?  Find this 2003 BMW 745i for sale in New Haven, CT for $2,750 via craigslist.

Details from the seller:

745i v8 . Just did a full motor tranny swap last month. Runs Strong and shifts smooth muffler Delete car roars 98xxx on swap . Daily it to NY so mileage will go up. All lights on dash are on after the Motor swap . Have to get ECU reprogrammed for $327.58. Which I’m not tryna pay. Also needs front left rotor it squeaks sometimes.

Shoot an offer. Or open to trades cars trucks , and maybe a Clean dirtbike or Atv lmk

A muffler delete is not a common modification on a large sedan like this.  I am not sure how much a full engine and transmission swap cost, but it sure seems odd to not pony up the $327.58 to make the dash lights go away.  Surely, the car would much a lot easier sell with them gone right??  Don’t forget the ol’ squeaking brake rotor, too!

See a luxury car with more CEL’s on in the dash? email

Cory is getting rid of a bunch of rare Mercedes W124 parts on Friday to a buyer who driving out from the midwest to pick up the parts.