Daily Turismo: Now With Pictures, Videos, & Seizure Inducing Gifs

Due in part to overwhelming user requests, the editorial team at DT has decided to introduce a few meager upgrades to this corner of the internet.  The top request was that we add our own line of DT Auctions, but due to a tragic miscommunication with a Sri Lankan contractor, the end result was the registration of a web url in the Falklands…and a few hundred dollars that we’ll never speak about again.  In the meantime, the addition of a few lines of our favorite coffee flavored website language (javascript) has enabled the image tag and the ability to embed youtube videos.

Images: To use the new image embedding features, please use the following format


Example [img]http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-jJwHMYTOBNk/UyzEyxxS1TI/AAAAAAAAXeA/N0LRzNXSA4U/s1600/coffeebrake4.png[/img] will add the coffee brake logo to a comment.

Please limit images to no wider than 400 pixels in width — anything wider will spill into the sidebar to the right and make the site look like crap…well…crappier.  Animated gifs are also fine, but please limit them as they do slow down the site.  No more than one image per comment please.  If you want to post your own images, it can be done quickly and easily with various third party sites like imgur, flickr, google’s picasaweb, etc (if you have a favorite, please recommend it in the comments).


Videos: For youtube videos please simply insert the youtube video url into your post.  Like this:


The above like will show people why F1 drivers in the 1970s were real men with a life expectancy of Swedish dagslända mayflyand it will be directly embedded in the comments for the viewing pleasure of all.

Please stand by as we adjust for potential issues and be sure to speak up when you have problems (there are ALWAYS problems), particularly for mobile viewers because I have done zero testing with mobile.  Enjoy the new power and don’t abuse it!!