Daily Turismo 2022 Calendars Are Available Now!

Rejoice! The DT 2022 Calendars are now available. We tried to print 2021 calendars 3 different times last year and EACH time there was a new and unique problem with the calendar. It was madness. But late in 2021 I pushed through an updated new 2022 year version of the calendar and ordered a sample which FINALLY arrived today. You can get your own copy of the 2022 calendar via Lulu for $12.00 USA (plus shipping). DT gets a dollar from each sale and they are also available all over the world in various currencies printed locally (in Australia, UK, France, Canada, Poland and other places unknown).

If you are one of the 12 people who donated photos for the calendar last year, firstly THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE, and I will put one in the mail in your direction as soon as I receive the bulk.

Thanks – DT E-i-C Vince.