Daily Turismas: DT Stickers For $2.50 Each!

First T-shirts/mugs/hoodies and now stickers?  We had plans to order a batch of stickers and then deal with selling and shipping the stickers…but someone suggested just outsourcing the entire thing, so you can buy them here on DT’s redbubble site starting at $2.50 each.  The stickers are die cut to fit in a roughly 3″x4″ box and are made from waterproof vinyl, will last 18 months outdoors. You can get them at 50% discount on all orders of any 6+.

The red bubble site also allowed us to automatically make T-shirts from the sticker images, so now you’ve got another place to buy DT shirts – we will order a few from each site and compare quality.

Update 12/6/13 2:00pm PST.  Added 3-pack of small stickers– each sticker is approx 1″x3″ and diecut.