Daily Thankrismo: 5 Used Automotive Reasons to be Thankful

As we prepare to consume large quantities of fowl (and foul liquor) today we would like to first and foremost wish all of our readers a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.  Be sure to properly lube and sharpen the blade on your chainsaw before carving the turkey and always remember to have a buddy holding your beer and ladder when doing any 2nd floor window repairs.  With that out of the way, we’d like to present the 5 top reasons to be thankful this Thankrismoiving (it doesn’t really work well in writing, but it sure flows off the tip of the tongue like a Shakespearean sonnet after a bottle of Jagermeister).  Starting in no particular order, we’d like to present our top 5:

5. Mercedes W201 2.3-16V Cossie ~$5k

What do you get when you combine the sharp looks of a German luxury sedan, manual dog-leg gearbox, Cosworth Engineering heads and standard limit slip diff?  Awesome plain and simple, awesome for the low-low price of $5k.

4. Volvo 740 Diesel Title Wagons with LSX V8 Swap

The Volvo 740 diesel will put out asphyxiating fumes and move at a snail’s pace just like its LSX powered brother from another mother…but the smoke will come from the tailpipe and the wheels will have full traction.  For future reference we prefer our tire smoke orange scented and our diesel engines in the scrap heap.  There is no wrong way to swap an LSX into a car – it is always better than the stock drivetrain…always.

3. Cheap Original Owner Tan/Brown on Camel Mid 1970s Japanese Classics

There is no doubting that old people rule – they vote in unequaled demographic proportion, hang onto life like there is nothing but a black abyss of emptiness after life, don’t care if you see them in their underpants, speak their mind, but most importantly: they take fantastic care of their malaise era rear-wheel-drive classics and sell them for pennies when they get so old they can’t push the clutch pedal to the floor.  One of our favorites is the 1st generation Celica, but we also appreciate all variety of Brougham badged American sedans too!  Just don’t let some low-life douche-bag car flipper buy the car and sell it to you claiming it’s in perfect condition when it’s got Flintstone ready floor boards.

2.  1969-70 Ford Mustang Fastback 

1964-1968 Mustang Fastbacks have ridden a Barrett-Jackson fueled ride to Alfa Romeo prices on a wave of baby boomer nostalgia, but the 3rd generation Mustangs (often mistakenly called Mach 1 at every intersection) are still hanging on to DT prices..but only barely.  We love the Mad Max looks, cheap and plentiful aftermarket, and burnout ability.  Unlike a 1st generation Camaro, the mullet is optional.

1.  BMW E36 M3

Surely you didn’t expect we’d forget the E36 M3 in our top 5!  (No and don’t call me Shirley!)  The E36 M3 continues the set the benchmark for performance bargains.  Each one comes with a torquey inline 6 mated to a manual gearbox (ok – you could get an auto from 96-99 – but we pretend not to notice) that is attached to a standard limited slip differential out back.  Car & Driver magazine allegedly claimed it was the “best handling car at any price” when new and we can confirm that the 50:50 weight distribution, mixed with fantastic seating position and telepathic steering feel translates into an unmatched driving experience for today’s $5-10k price range.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s feature Daily Turismo Black Friday!

What did we miss?  Comments below!