Cypriot Expat: 1973 Alfa Romeo GT 1600 Junior

The Alfa Romeo GT 1600 Junior slotted into the middle of Alfa’s coupe lineup when it was released in 1972, just above the GT 1300 Junior but below the 2000 GTV.  Today the two headlights setup of today’s Junior won’t stop most people from thinking it is a GTV, but the right hand drive seating position will certainly confuse people at the drive thru. Find this  1973 Alfa Romeo GT 1600 Junior here on eBay bidding for $12,700 with 4 days to go, located in San Francisco, CA.

The Alfa Romeo GTV tipo 105 has a narcotizing waft of affordability (thanks to doctordel for that edible quote!) that is only tempered by the potential catastrophic repair costs closer to a Ferrari than a Fiat luxury liner than a row boat.

Under the hood is a 1.6 liter Alfa Romeo twin-cam inline-4 fed via a few carburetors.  No SPICA fuel injection in this left-hand-drive Cyprus oddball. The most populous island in the Mediterranean (located just south of Turkey) drives on the wrong side of the road, a vestige of British colonial rule and only one of four countries in the EU. 

A look inside reveals a decent, but not perfect, interior.  It does like like a great place for some hoonage without worrying that you need to clean your Piloti driving shoes before stepping inside. 

See another senior aged Junior ready to roll?