Cute Kit: 1973 Volkswagen Meyers Manx SR

The Meyers Manx was the original dune buggy for the unwashed masses, but the roofless, doorless, and dry-weather-only setup isn’t for everyone (even the unwashed, who probably appreciated an occasional rain shower). A few years later Bruce Meyers designed the SR (short for Street Roadster) which added a small top and scissors doors to the basic Beetle chassis with fiberglass tub. Today’s SR has some cool square headlights (most early SR’s had round lights, but the later 1978+ hood used rectangular sealed-beams) and is mostly complete, but will need some mechanical work. Find this 1973 Volkswagen Meyers Manx SR bidding for $15,100 with 2 days to go in Sadieville, KY via ebay motors.

From the seller:

Vehicle Details
1973 Volkswagen kit car. Manx SR. Shows 17162 on odometer believe it is higher. yellow exterior (needs repaint). Car is all there. No parts missing. car is in need of a refurbish tires are old, brakes need work, needs carpet. the engine is in good shape. I believe this is one of the last produced due to the square headlights. Fiberglass seems to be in excellent condition for its age. This is a very fun car to drive. Door tops and center roof is removable. You will not be able to drive this home. Make sure you bring transport.

See a better way to drive something yellow?