Crown Vic Swap: 1972 Ford F100

It is entirely possible to swap an entire Ford F100 body onto a late model Ford Crown Victoria frame, such that you end up with a car that looks like a classic Ford pickup, but drives like a P71 interceptor, which isn’t much better than a classic pickup, but rack-n-pinion and fuel injected V8 is just a seriously complex body-frame swap away…OR you could buy one that is already done. Find this 1972 Ford F100 offered for $9995 near Portland, OR via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

 From the seller:

1972 F100 

fuel: gas 

title status: clean 

transmission: manual 

1972 Ford F100 Short wide box, Crown Vic, Continental 4.6 Aluminum engine Intech 32 valve, MSD. Super Straight!! Truck is Super straight, scary straight, Zero Rust, Bed is straight in and out!! 4 wheel disc, crown vic running gear, Intech 4.6. Project needs finishing. Factory paint and has not be on the road since 1997! Work was done a few years back. Call Dan 

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