Crapbox 12 of 12: 1991 Ford Festiva L

A vintage Car and Driver article from July 1992 came across my desk the other day that made my smile ear-to-ear. It is this comparison article on 12 compact economy cars that pitted twelve sub $10k crapboxes against each other with an assortment of college kids deciding which car they would be caught dead in. All of the cars were offered for new in 1992 for less than $10k and had air conditioning, a rear defroster, and an AM/FM radio. We’ll start from the back of the pack with this 1991 Ford Festiva L offered for $5,995 in Des Plaines, IL via

This Festiva is very very basic, but at least it has a passenger side mirror. The C&D editors mentioned they enjoyed the go-kart like driving experience, but with pizza cutter tires and a 63 horsepower 1.3 liter engine, this thing can hardly get out of its own way.

Who doesn’t enjoy the experience of those neck chopping “automatic” seat belts.

See a better way to buy something junky from 1992?