COW: DT Commenter Of the Week

It’s hard to believe that its Friday again – someone must have pressed the fast forward button (as in Adam Sandler movie Click).  Anyway, it is time to present our weekly feature on the ‘Commenter of the Week’ or as we like to call it: COW.  This week’s COW came after we featured a mid ’70s car with what we consider ugly bumpers and the commenter chimed in with the following comment about the 1-owner Jensen-Healey:

Seriously, did a bumper eat your mother? I understand that you don’t
like big bumpers, but the constant harping on the bumpers is starting to
get a bit weird…

 Click thru the jump to see the winner:

Congrats to DT commenter “Ralph N”!  And the answer is YES – we have had big bumpered cars try and eat our mom, but never successfully.  Okay, maybe we are a bit down on big bumpered cars and maybe we just need to be thankful that they are cheaper than their small bumpered brethren!

Your prize is a photo of a classic shape destroyed by big USDM bumper zits – the Porsche 911 SC.  The euro version is so much better looking and its a shame it took till the 964 introduction in 1989 to remove those heinous black horns and the plastic bumper accordion pieces.

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