COW: Democratization of Classic Car Ownership

Every website with a healthy commenter base claims they have the best readers/commenters.  Unfortunately, most automotive related website comment sections are filled with the meandering invective of 15 year old kids and pedants.  Not here.  Here at the Daily Turismo, we truly do have the best commenters in the world.  This week’s COW award goes to a regular contributor who writes:

In that third photo above, what I find most interesting is that the
P1800 looks right at home alongside the Pagoda and the Speedster. Unless
you are a classic car slut, you really can’t tell that one is an order
of magnitude more expensive than the other. It reinforces my belief that
you really don’t need to be bursting at the seams with $$$ in order to
enjoy a nice old classic (though it doesn’t hurt). I find this
democratization of classic car ownership to be refreshing.

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Congrats to Drew from who not only owns/drives two of our favorite roundel badged cars in the world (E36 M3, E28 M5) but is also a down-to-earth car guy with a fantastic ability to find the best vintage car photos on the web.  Keep up the great work!

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