COW: Commenter Of The Week: Don’t Drink And Drive A Brougham

It should come as no surprise that the writers of the Daily Turismo imbibe in the fermented fruits of civilization from time to time.  Sometimes at a local bar, but more often, if the stuff that gets written on these pages isn’t a fine testimony, it in front of the computer in the confines of our own homes.  This is certainly a better place to sit down with a fine single malt, Maltese vino or malt liquor, not only because of the draconian punishment for exceeding the arbitrary state mandated BAC limits, but also because you are much less likely to crash into to poor guy heading home to his family from a late shift.  One regular commenter posted the following story about his neighbor doing some late night hedge clipping:

“My alcoholic neighbor across the street had one of these when I was growing up. He got really drunk one night and drove it through our yard, our neighbor’s yard, their neighbor’s yard and finally got stuck about 5 houses down. He continued gunning it, getting it hopelessly buried, until the police finally arrived.”


Congrats to Andrew Liss who continues his story with the punchline:

“He used the propane lamp in his front lawn as a navigational beacon on his way back from the bar each night. Turns out he honed in on the wrong one that particular evening.”

His prize is a quietly understated vintage poster from the 1983 Ford Australia LTD from Five Starr Photos on flickr.   When you are using beacons to navigate through a haze…be sure to use the correct one.

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