Coupe-a Sore-ass: 1966 Volvo 1800S

Today’s Volvo is brought to you by the power of the discussion forum – an ancient technology that modern anthropologists are still trying to understand, one that was born before the days of social media and smartphones. Here at DT we like to put on our Indiana Jones hats and scour the old-fashioned classifieds of our favorite model-specific forums because sometimes a reasonably priced gem will surface. This one has some…uhh, needs at the rear, but is probably worth the effort to fix. Find this 1966 Volvo 1800S for sale in Philadelphia, PA for $5,500 via turbobricks.

From the seller:

It is light green it was repainted like 15 years ago. This factory color.

It has been my Daily Driver in good weather for the last three years… I’m ready to pass it on.

It is not concourse perfect but looks and runs great. I take it to NY and the NJ shore no problem.

The biggest issue is the rear end was hit and I just banged it out the best I could but I did not bondo it. Just used primer and paint to keep the rust off. ( I have the rear replacement panel for an additional 500.00 ) I like the car with the dent.

I have been doing the same with the rust that pops out on the bottoms of the fenders and front under the lights. The panels are very solid.

The frame has very little rust. Small section of the floor to the left of the brake pedal and the jack point on the drivers side.

I changed the Generator to a Alternator (100 amp from 740) I have the generator with new brushes.

I also kept the External Voltage regulator should you want it.

I have black cloth race seats in it ( Recaro knock offs ) just bolted in they will come right out.

1980’s AM/FM cassette radio with door speakers.

Oil pressure gauge works. Cigarette lighter works.

Gas gauge works (but it hops around from 1/2 to empty)

Clock is broken

Oil temp and Water temp are working I added a Voltage meter and Oil pressure and water temp small gauge set on the dash.

Turn signals work but light on speedo does not light. I think it’s just a bulb.

Blower motor works in both speeds.

Wipers work too. Volvo Jack with pry bar for wheel covers and lug wrench.

I peeled the cracked dash pad off so the dash is the brown metal that is usually covered. I wanted to flock it like rally cars of the 80’s

I have the bumpers but the are not in the pictures. I run them on then get tired of them and take em off for awhile.

I would like 5500.00 for the car. it’s all there and has very little rust. I really want to do a partial trade with some cash to me.

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CFlo had a ’66 1800S that was originally this same light pistachio green, but had way more cosmetic needs. He’d take this one any day for the price, even with the bumpy rumpus.