Counting Cars Casting Call

The Daily Turismo spam filter is pretty good at removing wanted and unwanted content alike, so we were surprised to see something interesting in our inbox last week.  It was a request from Leftfield Pictures, the producers of the History Channel show Counting Cars.  If you haven’t seen Counting Cars, you really should setup your DVR to pick it up; it is set in Las Vegas and is a spin off from the show Pawn Stars and follows the car related obsessions of Count’s Kustoms owner Danny Koker.  The show is captivating for its wild set of tattooed mechanics and crazy automobiles.  The producers of Counting Cars are looking for unique rides to feature for Season 2 and gave us the following flyer to share with our readers.

In a nutshell the producers from Leftfield Pictures are looking for people with cool cars, customs, hot rods, barn finds, junk, or want to buy/sell/build a project – send them an email to  They aren’t just looking for crazy rides, they also are willing to consider old clunkers, but any submission has got to be unique. To be eligible you need to be willing to bring the car to the Las Vegas, NV area to meet the Count.  Tattoos and HepC vaccine are not necessary, but perhaps you can negotiate some ink in exchange for your pink as Mr. Koker also owns Count’s Tattoo Company located in the Rio Hotel and Casino.

Photo from

Please be sure to include the following information in any submissions to the show:

1. Is the title available to the car?

2. What state is the car located in?

3. Quality of the vehicle ie: does it run?

4. Pictures (at least 4) of the vehicle must be attached

5. Year, Make, & Model

6. Your Contact Information

7. You must state your final selling price

If you do end up getting on the show, please snap some cell phone pics and send us an email ( We will share your experience as long as you don’t ask them to build you an AMC based Batmobile. From time to time we’ll also bombard Leftfield Pictures’ email with good stuff on the west coast…at least until their spam filters catch on.