Could You Do It For Less? Manual Trans Jaguar XJS

The following was written by DT reader AW:

Tuesday’s manual Jaguar XJS left me wondering.  And my wondering led to
looking, which leads me to propose a new type of submission – a ‘could
you do it for less?’

On the one hand, it’s just a
collection of parts held together with  story.  On the other hand it’s
quite a good story, and the numbers add up.  

Allow me to demonstrate. I quite like this 1993 Jaguar XJS, with an $8000 buy it now:

DT note: This inline-6 powered XJS sold for $6,000 according to eBay, but here is a 1985 XJS V-12 coupe with a starting bid of $7,500 that also looks nice. 

And this new Tremec 500 manual box, with a $2500 buy it now:

And from this vintagejag website I
seem to be able to order all the parts I need for the conversion for
about $2800.  that includes adaptor plate, bellhousing, flywheel,
clutch, pedal box and other misc parts, and installation kit.  

So $12,800, plus my time, and the inevitable other small parts.  

course, I have never started such a project without it ballooning into
some kind of complete restoration, or race car conversion, or
something.  But I might be reaching an age and level of self control
where I can start a specific project, and completed just that project, and called it finished.  

Best wishes,


DT E-i-C Vince: Big thanks to AW for the article!  Any other ideas for a “Could You Do It For Less?” concept?  Comment below or send us an email: