Corvette Hunter, In The Wild: 1979 Chevrolet Corvette C3

We’ve stumbled on a real beauty ‘ere folks — and I’ve got to be really quiet or I might spook it.  Just look at the paint job on the back of this one — she’s a female judging by the well defined hips and vents down the side, but I’m going to sneak in for a closer look.  Find this 1979 Chevrolet Corvette offered for an undisclosed amount of money in Bronx, NY via craigslist.  Tip from Cory.

We’re out here in the flatlands of the Bronx looking for the elusive C3 Corvette, a fiberglass body beauty riding on top of a steel frame built in St Louis (and later Bowling Green, KY) from 1968-1982.  We’ve found one with the hood up in a driveway, let’s take a closer look — crikey, get a load of that wing!

I’ve got to being careful not to disturb this magnificent beast, because they can be a handful when upset — but wow…just look under that hood.  This is the rarest of the hairy chested Vette, she’s got a 383 cubic inch small block that is fed by not one, but two, gigantic turbochargers that feed into a front mounted intercooler...easy girl…steady.  When that V8 fires up and starts sucking air through the massive 1,000 cfm throttle body, ground squirrels for miles will go scampering for cover.  She might not have a manual transmission, but a 2nd to 3rd gear slam shift from that auto is a thing of beauty. 

See a better example of a hairy blue chested Vette for sale?  RIP Mr Croc Hunter, it’s been almost 10 years, and we still miss you! — Just another Steve Irwin fan.