Corvette Guts: 1964 Kellison J-6 Panther

I’ve never been a big fan of listings with only one photo the car in question, particularly if that image is a picture of an old print photo and the seller describes the car as “looks better now”.  If you can take and digitize a picture of the old photo…why not just take a picture of the car…? However…when the price is right, we can forgive some bad pictures. Find this 1964 Kellison J-6 Panther offered for $16,000 in Albuquerque, NM via craigslist.  Tip from FuelTruck.

The Kellison J-6 panther is the funky successor to the oddball Kellison J-5 successor to the equally strange Kellison J-4
All cars were the brainchild of Jim Kellison, a hot rodder and
entrepreneur who used fiberglass and off-the-shelf parts to build custom
cars. According to kellisoncars website, more than 500+ of the J-6s were ever built.  In good condition, these things will fetch something like $30k at one of the big name auction places around the web…but I prefer versions that might need to be towed home instead of over-restored and over-priced concours versions.  Don’t we all?

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