Coronado Roadkill – MotorCars on Main Street: 1972 Volvo 1800 E

Roadkill report by Hunsbloger

I attended the 2014 MotorCars on Main Street Car Show on Coronado yesterday and was very pleasantly surprised. Lots of very nice cars, most of which were from owners who live right there on Coronado. A slew of nice Corvettes, a gorgeous Jag XKE Coupe a handsome red Mercedes190SL with hardtop, and the gaggle of Volvisti shown below.

Within the group of 1800s was this very well kept dark green 1800S Automatic with 423K miles on it.

However, among all of these Volvos, only this one-owner 1972 1800E was for sale.

I had a moment to chat up the owner who bought the car new in 1972 and has driven it more than 140K miles relying on the original B20 with just normal maintenance items. When asked why he chose that particular car he said “easy, Roger Moore, the Saint”. He bought the car with A/C but when he got older he decided that he wanted easier steering so he managed to source a power steering unit through SwedeSpeed, which according to his hastily constructed sign claims to be the only power steering equipped 1800S in the country.

The car has been resprayed in its original yellow color. A quick check of the paint indicates that it was a decent job, with just a couple of spots of overspray visible on some of the relays under the hood.

The car presents very well and is “said to be” ready to drive as is. A little bit of detailing is about all it needs to be further improved. Everything including the overdrive is “said to work” . The seat cushions have been recovered in black leather which is very presentable.

When questioned about price he said that he’d prefer to ask people to tell him what they think its worth. Not being in the market for a car myself, and letting him know that I’d be posting it on Daily Turismo I was unwilling to play that game. He finally put it “on offer” at $25K, which is a little north of our usual DT self-imposed price limit and I informed him that it was a little north of the current top of the market for these cars, so it will be up to those who call him to do their own negotiating.

Seller’s name is Jacob R. Quimpo and he can be reached at either or by cell at 858 610-1398. If you are reading this in 2015, please don’t call Jacob and ask him about this car, it will probably be long gone.

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