Cop Shocks: 1990 Ford Crown Victoria

In 1982 Ford split the LTD sedan into two models, the mid-sized LTD on the Fox platform, and the full-sized LTD Crown Victoria. The Crown Vic remained a body-on-frame Panther platform behemoth powered by Ford Windsor V8s. To add further confusion, the top of the line LTD Crown Victoria was originally called the LTD Landau and Crown Victoria was just a decor package typified by the big chrome band that ran from B-pillar to B-pillar over the roof like a ‘crown.’ But the Crown Victoria used for Police and fleet use didn’t have the fancy chrome band and instead had cop shocks, cop motor, cop suspension, and other cop stuff. Find this 1990 Ford Crown Victoria bidding for $7,600 with 3 days to go located in Tucson, AZ via ebay auctions.

From the seller:

Hello welcome to my sale. Have you been looking for a late 1980’s –early 1990’s police car? Have you noticed they are not easy to find, especially in a good decent condition? Have you been looking for an old police car to restore for shows or parades? This must be your lucky day. These boxy Ford police cars are still out there but getting extremely rare and hard to find! Here is your chance a rust free unmolested survivor that runs and drives!

Vehicle description and History:

Up for bids is this beautiful square boxy 1990 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Police Package/Interceptor, Black exterior, Blue vinyl Interior, This Vehicle is equipped with the H.O. 5.8 L/351cu. V8 and 4 speed Automatic overdrive transmission. It is a project car but is a rust free Arizona car! The car does run and drive. It has a clean clear Arizona Title! The car is in good restorable condition, with a little work it would make a very dependable head turning daily driver or an easy police car restoration. This is a great example of a true vintage law enforcement vehicle and is a great way to get into the police car restoration hobby. Car has spent its service and retirement in southern Arizona desert. I know no further history than that. But the pictures speak for themselves.


The exterior condition of this vehicle is great, rust free! Car was originally white but was painted black by previous owner in his back yard. It presents well from a distance but you can see the imperfections once you get near it. The car will need to be repainted professionally to be perfect. The paint is shiny.

Vehicle has minor dings, dents, scratches, and sand marks, they were not repaired before paint. Also has some paint drip marks but its still a great looking car!

The chrome could use some polishing to be perfect but still shines beautifully. Chrome is not blistering.

The front bumpers is in good condition no major dings or dents. Has the optional factory bumper guards.

The rear bumper has a ding/dent on the drivers side top and one on lower passenger side. Has the optional factory bumper guards.

Grill and headlight trim are in good condition.

Header panel is in good condition.

Parking/turn signal lamp lenses in good condition some light fading from age.

Taillights are in decent condition with Crown Victoria center crests still in place. Both have fading and age cracks in plastic.

Vehicle retains all four of its original Ford Police heavy duty steel wheels with Police turbine style full wheel covers. All hubcaps have the Ford blue oval still in place. Also all 4 wheels have the nubs on the center if to would like to swap to the “dog dish” style police hubcaps (NOT INCLUDED).

Vehicle tires have plenty of tread.

Retains front license plate bracket.

No Tinted Windows.

Vehicle has original AM/FM radio antenna on front passenger fender.

Vehicle has a spotlight, but does not currently work due to it is not wired in.

Car has two police antennas on trunk

Chrome fog lights on front bumper, chrome is decent, some light piting.

Vehicle Interior Condition

Over all condition of the interior is good! Very clean for a patrol unit! [Definitely a survivor, possibly was a one officer take home unit.]

The front cloth 50/50 split bench seat is good/fair condition, for its age. It is blue vinyl, front seats appear to have been repaired, they have black vinyl sections where you sit.

The rear matching heavy duty and easy to clean vinyl seat is in great condition for its age. Not too many scratches from the hand cuffs sliding across.

All four door panels are good condition, no rips or tears.

Headliner is good condition, no rips or tears. Absolutely beautiful not sagging.

C pillar panels are in poor condition, have some wear, rips and tears and will need reupholstery to be perfect. they have been removed and placed in trunk.

The dash Pad is cracked due to hot Arizona sun, but does have a dash mat that hides it very well!

Heavy duty vinyl flooring is in good condition overall for its age. No rips or tears or heavy wear.

Rear deck has 2 holes from police light removal.

Steering wheel is in fair condition a little toasty from the Arizona sun and from the officer being bored and peeling on it. It does have steering wheel cover that hides it well.

Trunk is good, not totally clean, but does have trunk liner and a full size spare with jack.

Overhead visors are poor condition will need to be reupholstered eventually.

Speedometer and gauges look great.

Ash tray is present and complete.

B pillars are good does not appear to have had a divider/cage.

Vehicle’s rear door handles work/operate properly and can be opened from the inside.

Vehicle retains all A/C buttons.

All factory seat belts are in place and functioning.

Vehicle Electrical Condition

Car was factory equipped with A/C & Heater. Heater has a new heater core, it works perfectly and keeps car very warm and cozy.

A/C is not currently working due to previous owner removed the A/C compressor to ” gain a little more horse power”. (Compressor and brackets to mount are in the trunk see picture.) all hoses and other A/C components are still mounted under hood. Hoses are zip tied to the side.

Power mirrors work fine

Tilt wheel works fine.

Cruise Control delete.

Driver power seat works fine

Passenger power seat works fine.

Has good battery holding charge.

Hazard switch works fine

Horn not working.

Clock works great

Wiper’s work.

Fuel Guage does not work.

Engine Temperature gauge does work.

Equipped with the full SSV/Police package, it sports a 140mph certified calibration speedometer. Speedometer is not working, due to it is missing the wire harness from speed sensor to dash. Currently I use my GPS or a speedometer app on my phone to keep speed.

Manual locks work fine. Car has to locked with key from outside.

Power trunk release works fine.

Front power windows work fine.

Drivers side Rear power window works fine.
Rear passenger side power window does not go up or down even though you can hear motor working.
There is a Factory AM/FM/Cassette stereo radio it works fine, bulb is out inside for display but can still read stations in daylight.

Spotlight does not work due to it is not wired in.

Automatic headlight delay works fine.

Map light/ overhead interior light works fine.

Door and under dash interior lights work.

Turn signals, right turn works fine, left turn works when it wants to. 4 ways work fine.
Fog lights work.
All headlights and other electrical components not already mentioned are working properly.

Vehicle Mechanical Condition

The Engine compartment is mostly stock and mostly clean. Greasy in typical areas of a car its age.

Equipped with the police only H.O. 5.8/351cu V8 engine. No known mechanical problems that I am aware of.

The original Variable Venturi “nightmare” carburetor has been replaced/upgraded with a 2 barrel Motorcraft 2100 series carburetor for better performance and reliability. Car runs good once warmed up!

This car came from a no emissions required area of the state, it currently is NOT a smog compliant car. The smog pump and both catalytic converters were removed by previous owner years ago to “gain more power”. ( included are the original smog pump and the mounting brackets, they are in the trunk along with 2 NEW catalytic converters. see pic). the rest of the emissions stuff is still mounted under the hood and zip tied to the side.

I have been driving the car periodically and drove it almost 100 miles home when I bought it. I have had no issues. It is still an absolute pleasure to drive, it is very comfortable. It gets lots of respect, attention, and thumbs up as you drive.

Automatic Over Drive transmission shifts into all 4 gears. Sometimes have to let go of throttle slightly to let it shift due to the new carburetor linkage not properly adjusted.

Vehicle is equipped with factory dual exhaust!

Odometer Currently reads 45,450. but actual mileage is unknown due to it having a 5 digit odometer and speedometer not working( it is missing the wire harness from speed sensor to dash). Car is currently exempt from mileage reporting due to age and mechanical limits. The last mileage reported was 95,000 in 2007 according to history report. Does mileage really matter on a car like this anyway? It’s an old police car I expect high mileage. Anyone would just be happy to find it in this condition. If your worried about mileage, try finding grandma’s LX driven only on Sundays.

Police Package

Heavy duty suspension

Heavy duty specific wheels & Hubcaps

Big brakes

External Oil Cooler

External transmission cooler

External Power Steering cooler

High output 100 amp Alternator

High performance Engine parts

Extra durable Vinyl front seats

Heavy Duty Vinyl rear seat

Full size spare

High performance rear end.

Optional High Output 5.8L/ 351cu V8 engine

Dual exhaust

140mph Certified speedometer [civilian Ford Crown Vics cars of same year went to 85mph]

Reinforced frame

Heavy duty Sway bars

Heavy duty radiator

You get it….Heavy duty everything ETC……

Need to Know info! Please Read!

Just to inform those who may not know, The ” P71 “model code in the Vin # was not used until 1993! All models before 1993 used “P72” which stood for “fleet model “ all police, taxis and base fleet cars where all P72’s! But only the police models could be ordered with the high output V8’s and Certified 140mph speedometer. Yes the 1992 is the newer Aero body style but it is still a “P72” with the police package option. All Police and taxis shared the P72 code up until 1993. There are full police package models with standard 5.0L V8 and/or the optional 5.8L V8.

This car is excellent for those that want a vehicle that is gaining popularity with the collectors…..keep in mind that Ford killed off the Crown Victoria line so these cars in excellent condition will become scarce especially the already hard to find Police Models.

See a better way to drive something cop?