Cool And Boosted: 2002 Volvo S60 T5

I’m not an expert on the capabilities of late model Volvos, most of my limited experience comes from driving around in some of CFlo’s older rear-drive 240s, but this next one looks good. It comes with a bunch of upgrades from the seller that should take the car from a college professor’s daily to a college professor’s weekender. Find this 2002 Volvo S60 T5 offered for $7,000 in Milford, CT via craigslist. Tip from Cory.

From the seller:

2002 volvo s60
condition: excellent
cylinders: 5 cylinders
drive: fwd
fuel: gas
odometer: 167000
paint color: silver
size: mid-size
title status: clean
transmission: manual
type: sedan
For sale 2002 Volvo S60 T5 manual transmission [B]completed[/B]project.

I purchased the car locally with a blown engine at 166k. The car is pretty much in excellent shape with body/internals. I had to promise the owner I will make it run again.

He really took care of it, with a stack of maintenance records. All the cool stuff is already done, using IPD and other upgrades: ECM, body kit, Koni, brace, exhaust. There is also a set of nice Pirellis on 17-inch R rims, killer look.

So I purchased a used engine with 90k on it, and completely went over everything on it: turbo, intake and exhaust gaskets, main seal, camshaft seal, water pump, timing belt, PCV system, oil pan reseal, new design oil pickup tube, oil cooler and everything that’s easy while the engine is out of the bay.

Then the blown engine was swapped out by a local mechanic, because I didn’t want to mess with lifting and dropping things in my garage. While doing the install, he put in a brand new clutch cylinder, exhaust gasket kit, subframe stiffening inserts, and all new engine mounts. We decided not to do the clutch because the old owner just redid it right before the engine went so it was perfect. Obviously, plugs were done. A fresher battery was put in, as the old one died from sitting for a couple of months. Rotors aren’t bad, and I got ceramic pads and bled the system, just need a little more hard stopping to shine things up to perfection. I replaced a leaking steering reservoir and hose (common issue). I also removed the boost gauge.

The car came out mint: fast, responsive and handles well.

Now comes my reason for selling it: I really don’t love driving a stick-shift. It’s such a giant chore. Call me lazy, but it’s too much like work, doing all that ballet with my footsies. 🙁 I am saddened but it would be a sin butchering it and doing an auto-swap. Therefore, it’s for sale: perfectly working and in great shape, ready to go for another 166k.

For my pain and suffering, and for separation from a ton of money to do everything right, I want to get compensated $7000. For your $7000, you get a desirable car, in great shape, that had barely 2 owners and was loved by at least one of them. And of course, a peace of mind of all seals, timing belt, pump, etc. I really did set this up the best way I can, no cut corners.

Now let’s talk about bad things:

  1. Car is tinted, including the front glass. I tried to take the tint from the rear and front driver side and mostly it worked. There is a little glue residue. I just got tired and left it as is.
  2. The cover for the inside fuse panel has broken tabs.
  3. Just messing with you. That’s It!!!

Car is in Connecticut, ready to be shown. Price is $7000. Email, call or text