Convertibatmobile: 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII Batmobile

Batman felt the simmering rage coming out from the deep dark place he normally kept it hidden. With one swift movement he pushed aside the thick drapes to let a flood of midday light into the Wayne Manor guest bedroom.

“Whoa whoa, Bruce, it isn’t what you think.”  Robin jumped from the bed and attempted to cover himself with a nearby cape.  “Its not like…well…I didn’t think you guys were a thing anymore after that last thing…you know…”

“This isn’t about her” Batman gestured dismissively to Catwoman’s sleeping form –still under the sheets. “This is about what happened last night.”  He felt the rage flooding inside his mask.

“Well, uhmmm…ya see, last night was a bit foggy, perhaps you can let me know what happened  — did I reveal your secret identity again…? Was this about the Batcredit cards, because I swear I’ll pay that back” stammered Robin as he squeezed back into his tights and scanned the floor for his utility belt.

“No.  The Batmobile.  What did you do to my Batmobile?”

Robin crept cautiously to the window and look down at what was left of Bruce Wayne’s 1998 Lincoln Mark 8 Batmobile offered for $1,000 in New Haven, CT via craigslist.


“You’ve killed it, you little insignificant sidekick.  That Lincoln was inheritance from my dead parents, its 4.6 liter V8 and IRS rear end was used by 3 generations of the Wayne family…and now…”

“Look, it was the Riddler’s idea, we were doing Jäger shots and he said ‘the Batmobile should really be a convertible.’..”

“You let the Riddler in my Batmobile?”

“Actually, it was the Joker who had the right laser beam device that would cut the roof off and he did most of the dirty work because Catwoman was doing this…errr…you probably don’t know what to know about it…”

“Run, boy wonder, run.”  <WHAP> <POW> <BOOM>