Commenter Of The Week: Torque Steering Sex Offender

Welcome to another edition of DT’s coveted, despised, sporadic and
always gluten free Commenter of the Week (COW!) award.  Picking a COW award from the list of noteworthy comments is always a dubious task — mostly because there is just too much good stuff out there.  But, this week one commenter made me spit coffee all over my monitor twice, first with a crack about the blue/silver wizard wagon above, purchase of this vehicle should
automatically enroll the buyer into a sex offender watch list
— and later with a comment on the torque steering Shelby quartet. 

Congrats to Andrew Liss for winning the COW award.  The first comment can be found here on the mid week match-up post about Santa Claus here, and the second comment can be found here on the Shelby post.

There is enough torque steer here to:
A) Turn a battleship
B) Make the sun rise in the North
C) Straighten out Richard Simmons
D) All of the above

For his regular contributions (including tips with full story!) and being a fantastic guy we are going to send Andy his pick of DailyTurismo shirt designs, a clock or a mug.  Andy — just pick the size, design and color, send us an address ( and we’ll get it shipped out.

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