Commenter Of The Week: In Russia, Stick Shifts You

The recent Bomberismo feature on the a Tupolev 95 (commonly called the Tupolev Tu-95, but that seems redundant, like saying Chevrolet Chevy Corvette) generated a fair bit of conversation, mostly around the logistics of getting the Bear into the USA and I have it on good authority that several of our readers are James Bond villains who need a flying super-fortress.  One commenter, however, asked us a favor…

OK. Let’s get two things straight. First, the phrase ‘little old lady airmen’ is the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. Second, I would like to place my order for a Soviet Red, Size Medium, T-Shirt with the Gas Nozzle and SIckle emblem. Let me know when it ships and I will provide CC info.

And we figured…why not?

Congrats to DT Commenter of the Week (COW) Dave Zink and his prize is this link to DT’s Society6 T-Shirt website where he can purchase a Nozzle & Sickle shirt, tank, hoodie, framed art or onesie. The prices for a simple T-Shirt are a bit steep at $22 $17 but the shirts are good quality (I basically gave nothing but DT shirts for Christmas this year and they were well received) and clicking on the above link gets $5 off the normal price and free shipping thru March 9th, 2014 (the actual price does not appear until it gets in the shopping cart, so you will see $22 per shirt initially and then discounted when it gets in the cart).

In case the version with words does not catch your fancy, we’ve also created a version with no text, just a simple tribute to all things Lada, VAZ, ZAZ, UAZ, GAZ and AZZ – but be sure to click on THIS LINK to get the promo for $5 off and free shipping.  All of these items are also available in various colors, kids sizes and a cool hoodie.

Have another idea for a T-shirt we should make?