Come Join DT This Weekend at Coffee & Cars with Pelican Parts

Nothing better to do this Saturday morning than gawk at other people’s cars? Yeah, us neither. That’s why we’ll be heading down to the 2nd-ever Coffee & Cars with Pelican Parts, a low-stress gathering of SoCal’s finest Euro Trash. Come join us, have a brew (of the hot caffeinated morning variety), let us gawk at your cars, and you can make fun of ours.

This show is a spiritual successor to Cars & Coffee, which was held just about every Saturday morning in the parking lot of Mazda’s North American headquarters. You could almost hear Dave Coleman cursing at his FrankenMiata from there, but it was always a great smattering of classics, exotics, overpriced modern classics, and our favorite: depreciated performance cars and kooky forgotten imports.

For Pelican’s show this Saturday, the extended DT family will be rolling out in full force. Look for the DTM5, our old Volvo 242, and maybe even the Schmetterling (BMW 2002) and Vince’s Draken (Saab 99 EMS).

Our old buddy Dan will be bringing his thoroughly worked over (and heavily “breathed on”…wait, that just sounds kinda creepy) E36 M3 – that is, if he can reassemble it in time for the show. This particular car is a ’95 with no sunroof, and has been through a full and recent engine build by TruSpeed Motorsports. The original S50 was bored and stroked to 3.2 liters, given a valvetrain upgrade, intake, exhaust, yada yada. It sits on Bilstein PSS9 coilovers and Volk TE37s. And yes, of course – it’s for sale.

If you’re interested in Dan’s M3, come check it out in person, or email us at

If you see us (or any of our DT mobiles) at the show, feel free to say hi and solicit us for freebies. Hey, there should be some old stickers around here somewhere [rummages under piles of used brake rotors and blown-up Kawasaki motorcycle engines]…

Details about the show are below or here on Pelican’s facebook event page.

When: Saturday, July 11 2015, 7:00 AM

Where:  Promenade on the Peninsula

Upper deck parking area on the south side by Starbucks.

550 Deep Valley Drive, Suite 101

Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274