Columbus Day Special: 1995 Alfa Romeo 164 Diesel

Happy Columbus Day to all Italian-Americans out on the web, a day where we celebrate that crazy Genoese sailor who tried to find his way to the East (he probably wanted some JDM parts before you could overnight them from Japan…) by sailing West. It is also Canadian Thanksgiving (say what!?) but we’ll save our Turkey & Poutine Cacciatore jokes for the next feature. Sorey a boot that. Anyway, this Italian machine will need to get a ride on the next Niña, Pinta, or Santa Maria to head West across the Atlantic because it is located in The Netherlands, but Find this 1995 Alfa Romeo 164 Diesel offered for $3,499 buy-it-now or make-offer located in Ried, Netherlands via eBay.

From the seller:

A rare sight these days, this 1995 Alfa Romeo 164 2.5 TD SUPER.

Black metallic exterior, blue velour interior, classic but stylish Pininfarina Design.

Factory A/C, 5-Speed, Slicktop, etc

VIN: ZAR16400006325005

Turbo Diesel 2.5 Liter inline-4 that is good for at least half a million miles, with only 229000 miles on the clock, very well maintained and serviced.

The car comes from the private collection of a former Alfa dealer in the Netherlands, Rinsma in Berlikum. He always carefully maintained his vehicles. Real enthusiast car lover and only 2 previous owners. Clean inside and out with all history and service books. It had been in storage for 9 years until we acquired it. We performed an extensive service including a new inspection (MOT/TÜV/APK), new timing belt, multi-belt, air conditioning recharge, new alternator, e-brake cables, fluids, filters, etc.

The body is rust-free and very well preserved. The interior is flawless, the blue velour seats and door panels are flawless. The car is technically in very good condition and ready to drive.

Many photos and videos are available through Google Drive

Export/Import info:

This car is 25 years old making it ready to ship and import to the USA, as it is exempted from DOT & EPA import regulations.

The location of the automobile is The Netherlands in EUROPE. We ship worldwide on a monthly basis through our network of NMT Shipping. As we have short lines with shipping office’s and customs brokers we will make sure you can have a headache free import where you can just show up at the port and drive off with your new car.

We run a full car shop and import/export automobiles as a business. We are export certified and can help you 24/7 with a transfer license plate and 15-day insurance (within Europe). This also makes it possible for you to finally make that Euro-Trip in your ‘new’ car and have it shipped home after your trip.

Our shop has been exporting to the USA since 2007 and we have also assisted many times in importing automobiles to get them ready for a US title. So we know exactly how to get the car to you save and without any difficult paperwork issues or other expensive work.

When you purchase your automobile through us, you will have a turn-key process. Meaning you go to the port, show your Delivery Order, sign off and drive home…..

There will not be any additional fees or complicated paperwork to handle! No running around to several customs offices or paying brokers to get a bond.

This car is ready to ship, the European plates will stay on the car making it easy to get insurance and drive it home before you register it and apply for your US title.

The big next question, what is the amount of fees to get the car exported, de-registered in Holland, trucked to the port, shipped to the US, imported and gone through customs including all local fees.

There is not a firm price to say because it’s depending on a few factors. First of all and most variable is the US port of entry, second is the purchase price of the vehicle(because some fees are based on the price) and third is the available ship and the port it will leave from. Ballpark will be between $2000 and $3000.

Good news is we will always work with the buyer to find him the best deal. For example, we recently sold a car to a buyer in Seattle, but Tacoma is one of the most expensive US ports. We offered him an alternative to Benicia in the bay area, all in this saved him $1200! He got a plane ticket for $150 and drove the car home on less than 2 tanks of gas….

If you are interested, PM me with your location so I can give you an exact total quote.

Many photos and videos are available through Google Drive, but if you would like more, we can always set up a facetime call so you can virtually walk around the car.

See a better way to drive something Italian?